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Five Reasons Why It’s Worth Paying For Landscape Design

Posted on March 23, 2022 
by Thomas VanAmerongen

Incredible landscapes don’t happen by accident. The breathtaking landscapes you see on the internet or when walking through your neighbourhood are the result of creative design and careful planning.

While you can go to the garden centre and get a free design (as long as you purchase their plants and other products) or draw one up yourself, getting to that final, beautiful landscape isn’t simple.

Constructing a landscape is a complex process that requires skill and expertise, so if you want things to go smoothly it’s best to start with a professional landscape design. Here are our top five reasons why it’s worth paying for.

Trees & shrubs ready to be planted.

1. A clearly defined plan

Landscapes can be hard to visualize. While you may be clear on which features you’d like to include in your landscape such as a waterfall or other water feature, you might not be entirely clear on where each element should go.

A good designer will listen to your ideas for your outdoor space, understand your needs and create a plan that will have you loving the time you spend outside!

2. See it before you build it

When you work with a designer they will take the ideas you talked about and create a full-scale 2D drawing so you can see how everything fits together. At Raymar Landscapes, our premium design plan even offers immersive 3D views so you can see yourself in your landscape before construction even begins!

3. Receive an accurate quote

As part of the design process, your designer will meet with you at your home and conduct a site audit. During the visit, they’ll listen closely to your ideas for your property and make note of any issues or concerns, such as poor grading or drainage problems.

Once you receive your quote you’ll know exactly how much your new landscape will cost — without having to worry about overruns or other costly surprises.

Building interlock walkway.

4. Work with professionals

Landscape designers are educated, trained and skilled in all aspects of design and have a good working knowledge of landscape construction, from engineering to architecture, construction, stonemasonry, carpentry, pools, grading, drainage and irrigation.

They also know all local building codes, regulations and whether or not you’ll need a permit before construction begins.

5. Be part of a winning team

Your designer will work closely with the team that will be building your landscape, so you can be sure no details will be missed. Everyone on the team will not only know what you want… they’ll know why you want it.

At Raymar Landscapes, we take it a step further… we want to make sure we give you that extra 10% by providing personal touches that take your design from merely “done” to “finished” — and make your landscape truly special.

Landscape designer setting plantings.

Choose the design package that’s right for you

Choosing a landscape designer is a big step. At Raymar, we have a well-established background in landscape design and the ability to listen (check out our featured projects for some inspiration!)

We offer three design packages (from a single area to a full-scale design) and you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

We also offer a consulting visit for smaller projects and will often sketch it out, so you may not need to pay for a full design.

Working with us is easy. Just contact us to request a quote and we’ll help you design and build a naturalized landscape to soothe your soul, delight your senses and inspire you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.