Pond & Water Feature Maintenance

Keep your pond clean and clear.

Select the right package for your water feature, pondless waterfall or pond and leave the work to the experts.

Fountains & small water features

Starting at $1,000

Pondless waterfalls

Starting at $1,500

Natural ponds

Starting at $2,200
Pond Maintenance

Leave the pond maintenance to us.

Ponds are beautiful yet fragile ecosystems that need balance to thrive. Sign up for regular pond maintenance with Raymar to improve the overall health of your pond, whether its water quality and clarity or circulation and oxygen levels.

Get care for all seasons.

From the setup in the spring to the cleanup in the fall, Raymar can keep your water feature happy and healthy throughout the year. Some clients opt to keep their pond running throughout the winter, which we’re happy to help you with too.

Access years of expertise.

Relax and let us take care of it. The Raymar team is not only passionate about ponds and water features, we have the knowledge to back it up. Our crews have been trained by Aquascape, North America’s leading manufacturer of water gardens, water features and ecosystem ponds.

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