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Six Design Features To Make You Love Your Outdoors

Posted on April 12, 2022 
by Thomas VanAmerongen

Life is too short to spend all your time indoors… being surrounded by the wild beauty of nature is good for both our bodies and our souls.

But unless you have a gift for landscape design, it’s not always easy to envision your yard’s full potential. This post is a “show-and-tell” (with the emphasis on “show”!) of inspirational landscapes full of special features — and when you add some to your own yard, we’re sure you’ll want to spend more time outside!

Backyard patio and hot tub.

1. Relax and listen to the soothing sound of water…

Water can transform even the smallest corner of your garden into something special — and if your space is super small, you can still add features like bubbling rocks, basalt columns, fountains or patio basins.

2. Splash away the afternoon in a natural swimming pond…

Everyone knows how much fun it is to have a pool in the backyard… but not everyone is crazy about all the chemicals that must be used to keep a conventional pool clean.

Natural swimming ponds are environmentally friendly and cost less to maintain than a regular pool too — all you have to do once it’s set up is keep it skimmed and free of debris.

You can add all sorts of other features to your swimming pond too, like waterfalls, spillways and other water features. And while they can be made to look like a regular pool, the end result is more stunning when it’s surrounded by rocks and native plants (the birds, bees and butterflies will thank you, too!)

3. Expand your gardens…

Gardens soften the edges of hard surfaces, attract birds and pollinators, and fill your yard with restful shades of green and loads of colourful blooms.

Expanding your garden beds can add stunning appeal to your landscape and fill your soul with calm tranquillity.

4. Lounge outside on the patio…

If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, you’re going to need a space for lounge chairs and patio sets (and don’t forget that outdoor kitchen you have your eye on).

But you’re not limited to those boring, square patio stones from the big box stores… our team can work with you to create a patio made from natural stone (or even permeable pavers) that commands attention and says, “Hey, look at me!”

5. Play with fire…

Some of my fondest memories involve gathering around the fire with my family and friends — roasting marshmallows, strumming my guitar or just poking at the flames to see them dance.

You can create those kinds of memories with your family, too. Both gas and wood-burning fire pits are easy to maintain and add an ambiance that is warm, cozy and inviting.

6. Enjoy shelter, shade or just a little privacy…

Outdoor structures — such as pergolas, privacy screens, fencing, arbours, cabanas, or garden sheds — help expand your living space, providing shade, comfort, privacy or a bit of pizazz to your outdoor environment.

Ready to live more of your life outside?

I hope the photos from our past work have inspired you to start thinking about your own property — and which features would make you love your outdoors!

Because that’s what we’re all about here at Raymar.

We design and build naturalized landscapes that soothe the soul, delight the senses and inspire deeper connections with nature — and get you excited to go outside.

So, contact us when you’re ready to make a change, and we’ll work with you to shape your outdoors!